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The Taboo of Intimacy (Finale)

Written & edited by Amnoartist

Co-developed by jderril

Finale: The Road Ahead

Sarah stared at the trophy with a smile, holding the golden dumbbell in her hand so tightly her bicep bulged, thick veins pushing upward to the surface of her skin; prominent and powerful. She could scarcely believe it: she actually won the contest. There was a deep sensation that gnawed on her guts telling her she couldn’t possibly hope to do that – that her sheer, abnormal size would prove to be more of a problem for others than not. And yet—
She placed the trophy back on the mantle and looked through the adjacent mirror at Claire, Anthony and Sharon all gathered at the dinner table to celebrate. A swell of affection tugged at the redhead’s heartstrings as her stares ensued, content with the fact there were people out there willing to support someone like her, to the bitter end. She honestly wouldn’t know what to do without them.
Carefully, Sarah made her way into the kitchen, her boulder shoulders merely inches from brushing against the frame. She wouldn’t have to suffer through that problem, if the get-together was held in her new home, but Anthony was insistent everyone celebrate at his.
Sarah’s calves flexed in and out, in tandem with her steps, before leaning on the door frame to watch everyone help themselves to the generous quantities of food. There was a surprising sense of serenity from just observing, remaining quiet and still with her signature smile, listening to everyone chat and laugh. Her chair was directly in front, at the table’s head, yet there was no want to sit. Just stand, watch, and smile.
Despite all that, she couldn’t possibly play blind to the other empty chair at the table’s far end; couldn’t play blind to the fact there was something – or, rather, someone – missing from all this who should've been there: her father.
“So, what’s the plan now for you ladies?” Sharon leaned forward with the pasta utensil, scooping up a generous serving of tagliatelle and dropping it into her plate, next to a salad and garlic bread. She wasn’t normally one for drinking wine, but the special occasion called for it. “I mean, you’ve finished your studies, share a home together, and the winnings from Sarah’s show could be helpful.”
Claire nodded as she nodded with puffed cheeks, holding in the large mouthful of wine she’d underestimated. She and Sarah had both thought about how best to use the winnings over the last week. Give the house a makeover, maybe? No, it was far too soon for anything of that sort? Sarah touched on adding more machines to the basement gym, or at least some heavier plates and such. But the decisive idea was ultimately built upon that suggestion.
“Funny you should say that” Sarah said, finally ending her long string of calm silence. She paced over to her chair and sat down, her ears playing deaf to the wailing leather under her steely glutes. “We were wondering when the best time to bring something like this up was.”
Anthony cocked his brow with intrigue; the rim of his beer bottle only just touched his lips. “You aren’t saying what I think you’re saying, are you?” Nervousness clung at his stomach as he edged in closer to Sarah. “You’re getting married?”
Sarah laughed heartily at her brother’s assumption. It was almost cute in a way. Claire felt the same way, but didn’t laugh – she was more modest about it by simply smirking. “Oh no, it’s not something as big as that - at least, not yet.”
“We were thinking about using the money to start a business together. Open a gym, to be exact” Claire explained. She and Sarah had done the calculations and crunched the numbers three times over, and found they could successfully run a local gym, bringing custom diet and training regimens into the mix. With Sarah’s hardcore training programs, people would be seeing results quicker than they could say ‘jacked.’
“We found a nice place we could use for it, too – that old space near Harlow’s down in Ford Road” Sarah added, grabbing a burger from atop the neatly presented pyramid. “If everything goes smoothly – Heaven permit – we could open up within the next fortnight.”
Sharon didn’t know whether to smile or cry tears of joy, being so pleased for the young couple. It seemed they’d found their place in the world together. And it was the perfect fit, too – they both liked working out so much, it wouldn’t hurt to make some level of profit from it. “You need to make sure people know about it then.”
“Oh, we have” Claire pointed out with a slight smile, twirling the tagliatelle on her plate with her silverware fork. There was so much at her disposal to eat she wouldn’t be surprised if a slight food baby formed by the time the meal came to an end. She burped loudly, like an invisible cloud of garlic odour rippled across the room. “’scuse me.”
Sarah reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a leaflet with the words ‘Hall of Iron’ and the bronze coloured figure of a bodybuilder in a front lat spread pose sketched on its front, handing it to Sharon. “We’re not so sure about the name, but… so long as folks know it’s a gym and not a blacksmith’s, right?”
“It’s effective” Sharon stated agreeably, reading from the pamphlet, surprised by the lack of Sarah or Claire on it. “You’re not on the front. Is that a printing error?”
Sarah shook her head. “I’m not one for vanity” she explained. While what she said was true, the redhead was also wary of any potential backlash that could come from having her on the pamphlet. Not everyone’s going to be cool with seeing a hulking female running a gym. “But Claire…” she drifted off.
Claire smirked, biting into the remains of her garlic bread. “I wanted to put her on the front posing like she was some kind of motivation or poster girl.”
“Oh, I’m sure she’ll still be quite the ‘little’ motivator, regardless. She’s right though - no need to be all big-headed about it.” Sharon still read from the pamphlet, scrutinizing the variable prices per package: Beginner, Moderate and Savage. “The prices are reasonable.”
Sarah smiled; pleased Sharon was so forthcoming about something that had been on the girls’ minds for some time, taking the pamphlet back and stashing it back in the drawer. “Hopefully everything works out.”
Everyone nodded in agreement before clanking their wine glasses together and calling out in unison:
“To Hall of Iron!”
Sarah reached for a slice of garlic bread in sync with the doorbell ringing. She noticed it seemed to make Anthony feel uneasy, as he shifted in his seat, playing deaf to the rings even though he was nearest to the door.
Sarah shifted out of her seat and marched through the living room, making sure her burgeoned arms didn’t knock over any of Anthony’s precious ornaments on her way to the door. She glanced at the clock – 8:30 – who would cold-call this late into the day she wondered, a tinge of anger burning within just as she opened the door to him.
She heaved a breath in silence, staring at him with folded arms; biceps pressing into her knuckles, triceps jutting out to touch the doorframe, marbled, rippled chest thrust out to form the smallest yet still noticeable rip in her blouse.
His eyes stared back just as powerfully, though pleaded at her like a dog at its owner, with shaking fearful hands, before his attention shifted to and fro at all the various powerful muscles the redhead before him effortlessly boasted.
She turned round to find Anthony by the door that led into the living room, ushering her into letting the man in, even though her anger and hatred for him wasn’t quite dead yet. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?” she asked her brother.
Anthony’s firm silence was proof enough she was right.
Sighing, Sarah turned back to the man out in the cold open-air. She didn’t want to invite him into her home, not after all the hurtful things he said to her, but… there was this opposing need for it.
Turning her back to the wall, she motioned to let her father into the house.


Harry watched from behind as his daughter closed the bedroom door gently as she entered, allowing him to once again catch a glimpse of her from the front, eyeballing her quivering forearm as it held the door handle tightly. He could practically feel the rage emanate from her just as she stood staring at him. He felt suddenly trapped, encaged with a vast, muscled being.
“So, what’s this about?” she asked, coming up to her father’s side. Her movements were slow, suggesting calmness, but internally the redhead still battled her seething anger. “Back to hurl more derogatory words at me?”
Harry knew the best thing to do was just get straight to the point. Staying quiet or straying from the purpose of his visit would only irritate Sarah more. Despite that, it was harder to speak than he hoped, given the bulging muscles on his daughter’s frame were simultaneously intimidating and intriguing to look at; with every breath she took her chest heaved to allow the vast quantities of iron-clad tendon and sinew within to bulge; with every slight self-loving squeeze of her cannonball arms containing the mammoth muscles pushed outward at their own accord to press against her palms.
“I’ve…I’ve come to apologise” her father finally said solemnly. He had this feeling the word, from him, didn’t mean that much to her anymore. Even if that was the case, Harry was eager enough to at least try, hopeful enough that Sarah would at least let him plead his case. And sure enough---
“Apologise.” Sarah scoffed, rolling her eyes before gently brushing past her father’s shoulder to look out the window into the distance. “Surprised you actually know what that means, let alone what context to use it in.”
Harry reached his hand out and laid it on Sarah’s shoulder, his eyes bulging out in surprise at its thickness. “Sarah…”
She flinched, moving away from him. “No.”
Harry sighed in defeat, realising he was failing in his honest endeavour to reach out to his daughter. He had already lost his wife in the years prior. God knows what would happen if he lost his daughter too. “Please, listen to me.”
Sarah remained silent; her blouse-clad back turned to him, the fabric clinging onto it for dear life, close to ripping enough to expose the flesh underneath. All it would take is a sneeze and rrriipp! The muscles underneath her skin would be revealed to her father. She supressed the building want to cry, continuously clenching and unclenching her fist. “No!”
Her voice was harsher now; enough to make Harry jerk slightly with fear
But then another, gentler-toned, yet still strict voice called in from outside the room:
“Sarah Brown.” Sharon pressed her hand against the door gently, feeling the coarse varnished wood scrape against her palm. “You listen to your father right now, young lady.” To eavesdrop wasn’t something Sharon really meant to, but she wasn’t alone in it either: Anthony and Claire stood either of her, listening in just as carefully, although Anthony was the most out-of-place person there, being the smallest of them.
Harry didn’t exactly recognise the woman’s voice, whoever she was, but knew it was that huge woman he passed when going upstairs to talk privately with Sarah. He was thankfully for this random woman’s willingness to support him. Did she even know what kinds of things he said to Sarah? Knew what drove the two of them apart the way they did?  Despite that, he was still thankful for now, and smiled. Maybe things would work out the way he hoped after all.
Sarah reluctantly turned back to face her father. From someone else’s stance it looked and felt like a trivially simple thing to do, but to Sarah it was like finally coming face-to-face with a life-long nemesis.
“Okay. Talk.”
As originally planned, Harry didn’t waste time, not sure how Sarah would take his words – if at all – but he would accept her response for what they were to her, regardless.
“I’ve been a real asshole. I realise that now.” It felt like he suddenly came to stop, drifting off as if he had come to regret what he just said, but in reality, he was processing it all – the fact he was literally one mistake away from losing his daughter, and that she was at her happiest doing something he didn’t really like with someone she loved. But it wasn’t about him. It never should’ve been. “Sure, I’m not exactly comfortable with how you look, but…the world is forever changing; I’ve been in my conservative ways for so long, it’s already driven one woman out of my life. I’d hate for that to be two.
“I attended that show you took part in and won. To see you so happy from just being there, being yourself…”
Surprised by the fact her father had attended the show without her knowing, Sarah narrowed her eyes. She wasn’t sure whether to buy her father’s words or not. This wouldn’t have been the first time she’d fallen into a trap he’d laid out for her. But it would be the last, if he screwed up this time round.
“I don’t have to like the way you look, or who you’re in love with, but it’s not about me.” Harry was practically pouring his heart out already, surprised he actually had a heart this soft deep down. He knew if Sarah was lost to him, it wouldn’t be long before Anthony would do the same, at which point life probably wouldn’t have been that much worth living. “It’s about you. If you’re happy doing all this, happy with Claire, I’m doubly happy for you. For you both.”
Sarah’s heart quivered at the sudden tear curving down her father’s cheek. She fought back her own tears, heaving a breath that pushed her blouse out ever so slightly, enough for her abs to be visible underneath it.

“How is that for an apology?” Harry felt dread fill him at that instant, though a flicker of hope remained intact Sarah approached him slowly, her vast shadow engulfing his comparably tiny frame.
“It’s cheesy” she said sternly with bared teeth. Then a smile suddenly burst into existence, riddling Harry with confusion. “But then, you never were any good at being vogueish” she added, pinching his cheek like a mother would her child.
“So, you—”
“I accept your apology,” the redhead said assuredly, baring her toothy grin.
A collection of cheers came from behind the door as Claire, Sharon and Anthony rejoiced in Sarah’s reconciliation with her father. Admittedly, Sarah was slightly embarrassed by their spectacle and blushed slightly. She opened her arm out for Harry to move for an embrace. At first glance, he wasn’t sure it was exactly safe, not knowing the true extent of her power.
She scoffed. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”
Harry nodded, moving in for the hug. He was surprised to find his hands couldn’t meet together round his daughter’s back, indicating just how wide she really was. “Damn, you’re solid.”
“And you’re soft,” she responded with a gentle laugh, “like a sponge.”
“Hey!” Harry laughed.
A moment passed before their embrace came to an end, a moment that seemed to pleasantly last forever, before the father and daughter both pulled away with equally cherished smiles. It was just a moment, and yet it was one of those precious moments the two rarely had together.
“It’s a nice place you got here,” Harry said, complementing the household his daughter was lucky enough to live in, looking around the room. He knew it was from Anthony’s act of generosity Sarah was able to find herself living in a house like this. “Lots of open space. A lot of…growing space,” he added with a shrewd grin.
Sarah shared in the humour of her father’s quip, opening the bedroom door with a curled lip to find Claire, Anthony and Sharon standing by, all pleased as Punch.
“Well, don’t just stand there,” she said, moving towards the stairs with her father, who offered curious, almost fascinated glances Sharon’s way. “We got another guest at the table!”
AN: And that’s a wrap for The Taboo of Intimacy, guys. It’s hard to believe this project started two years ago, in November of 2015 with jderril. Please, be sure to also thank him for his outstanding contributions to the series over the years – I probably would’ve stopped ages ago, if it weren’t for him! Conversely, the series probably would’ve finished way sooner if I didn’t juggle it with other ongoing series.
The original draft of this release had Sarah and Claire announcing their intentions to marry, but obviously I changed that to have them open a gym together instead. Why, you might ask. Well, Taboo was more about starting a relationship, while marriage is the next natural step one would take to maintain one. So Sarah and Claire maintaining their relationship felt like the kind of thing you would leave for a potential sequel, right?
I also realise there isn’t a lot of muscle-oriented content in this defining chapter (or at least, not a lot of detail in that regard) but I knew this was always going to be more of a heartfelt addition than a kinky one. As a writer, it didn’t feel appropriate to me for the muscle description in the chapter to outdo its true purpose.
What to do now, though? I do have an idea for an epilogue, but will only write and post that if the desire to see it is strong enough. Similarly, there is a sequel planned that delves deeper into Sarah’s personal life a couple of years after Taboo. Would you like that as soon as possible (that way, the first chapter’s release is hot on the heels of Taboo ending) or should we wait a bit?
With that rant over with, let me know your thoughts on this series as a whole. Did it have any dips in quality? Maybe it had a high point? Or was there something totally unique to this series that you appreciated? Sound off below chaps :D
The finale of The Taboo of Intimacy
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jderril Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to see you saw it through and finished it, and its a good ending at that. 
Amnoartist Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, yeah it's a nice feeling to see the story finally come to a nice end after so long. It does feel a little iffy at parts in this entry, I'll admit, but there's no point in adjusting them now :)
iceman75 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, what a good way to end it, with a happy reunion and Sarah coming out the champion in so many ways, having achieved her dream, getting the love of her life, and getting her father back.
Amnoartist Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I was pretty pleased with how things turned out from a writer's standpoint. It was pretty heartwarming :)
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